Tuesday February 19, 2019
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Marine & Cargo Surveyor

The group of N. A. Survey & Inspection Co., Ltd., avails of the opportunity to introduce themselves as officially appointment and independent sworn Marine and Cargo Surveyors by the Controller of Insurance & Director General Shipping, Govt. of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh with worldwide extensive service. We also act as authorized Experts in Marine Court Matters.

Our main goal is to provide our Principals with the highest quality service while maintaining very competitive prices. N. A. Survey & Inspection Co., Ltd., offers wide range of services, having experienced surveyors and with intimate knowledge of terminal facilities with worldwide guarantee of our efficient and cost effective approach.

Our objective is to safeguard our Principals' interests. Our surveyors are actively engaged throughout the various stages of dry and liquid cargoes at load/discharge port and at discharge point to ensure optimum results.


Our main activities:

  • Insurance Claims
  • Project Shipment
  • Investigation of accident by sea
  • Bunker - On / Off Hire - Survey
  • Establishment of Surveyor Reports
  • Draft survey of all types of ships
  • Ullage survey of liquid cargo tanks/carriers
  • Damage survey (hull)
  • Damage survey (machinery)
  • Pre-loading inspection of holds/tanks
  • Pre-loading inspection of reefer carriers
  • Carriage of dangerous goods
  • Lashing and securing of cargo
  • Pre-sailing inspection of stowage of grain and bulk cargo
  • Assessment of general condition & valuation of ship
  • Arbitration (for settlement of maritime dispute)
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